An interactive Art & Design Workshop
17:00-19:00 Wednesday Nov 2, 2011
at Occupy Finsbury Square
Tent City University, Finsbury Square
nearest transport: Moorgate, Old Street

Many visual artists and designers have commented on the difficulties of creating simple, symbolically poignant images that represent the harms of capitalism. Likewise, it is hard to envision or imagine its alternatives in basic images. Instead of icons on placards, banners and flyers, we tend to see slogans and tag lines. Those few images that do appear often do not represent the ‘targets’ of our protests, in part because of the many challenges that come with representing complex issues like exploitative labour policies, migrant work, profit-driven greed, credit crashes or disappearing pensions.

This workshop offers a brief historical overview of how past protest movements have ‘drawn capitalism’ to initiate a discussion and brain storm on possibilities for new images in movements today. We’ll then work to sketch out some of our ideas, learning from each other how to draw capitalism. This workshop is about creativity and imagination, all artistic experience and abilities are welcome!

Artwork by: Josh MacPhee


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